#WITMonth Sale and Challenge!


With the start of August comes Women in Translation Month, also known by its hashtag as #WITMonth.This is an awesome invention that we at Two Lines Press fully support!

We do everything we can around here to keep the gender of our authors balanced and to generally promote the incredible writing being done by women around the world. So, of course, we love seeing Meytal Radzinski (aka Biblibio) putting together an awesome assortment of resources for all your #WITMonth needs, including a reading challenge (in 3 parts), a FAQ, and ways to participate.

And lots of other people are running with this, including Beyond Eden Rock, JacquiWine, and of course the incredible Tony Malone. You can also follow all of the action on Twitter.

Because this is such a cool thing, and because we like to believe we’ve got some of the coolest readers of all, we’d love to see Two Lines Press’s community participate in this celebration of women writers worldwide.

So do it TLP fans! Read, read, read!!!

To help get you in the mood, we’ve put together little challenge for you. We hereby challenge you, the Two Lines Press Community, to:

  1. read a woman in translation during August
  2. and send us a photo of yourself in action (or just your book, if you’re bashful)

The best way to do that is to tweet a photo at us (we’re @TwoLinesPress), along with the hashtag #WITMonth. You can also pop on over to our Facebook page and put your photo on our wall.

We’ll be thrilled to see any and all women in translation that you’re reading!

But, of course, we do publish and sell books around here, so we’d really love to see you reading some Two Lines Press titles. To help encourage you, we’re going to give you a huge WITMonth discount on our three titles by women in translation:

We are offering these at a WITMonth special of just $25—almost a 50% discount! (you can also buy them individually at the above links at 30% off)

Purchase them via Pay Pal by clicking on this link.

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