Weekly Links: The Untranslatable, Fellowships and Grants, and a 100-Year-Old Translation Mystery

Achilles tending the wounded Patroclus

A noted publisher of new Russian literature runs down the literary scene in contemporary Russia.

A great grant opportunity for publishers of works from the EU, deadline March 12.

When reviewing a translation, what obligation does the reviewer have to the translator?

Browse the dictionary Princeton University Press published this year examining untranslatable words from more than a dozen languages.

Why is it that classics need to be retranslated from time to time, yet the originals remain ageless?

The deadline for the Paul Celan Fellowship for Translators is approaching, March 1st.

Some humble plants in Mexico may help crack a translation mystery that’s stumped translators for over a century.

Eun-Gwi Chung insists on the necessity of working-class literature in Korea.

Mary Jo Bang on her contemporary approach to translating Dante’s Inferno.

Insults from the revolution translated: lime squeezers, the couch party, glue sniffers.

The London Review Bookshop is holding a series of Translation Masterclasses through April.

New translations of Mallarmé for younger poets.

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