Weekly Links: Name the Translator!, Margaret Atwood on Translation, James Patterson Gives $1 M to Indie Bookstores

Lucas Klein: wants to make the translator more visible.

Margaret Atwood delivers a lecture to a capacity crowd at the British Library and it’s all about translation.

Check out South and Southeast Asian Literature by Alexander Street Press, a collection of pieces that yoke the English language with characteristics from local languages and capture various perspectives of diaspora to the west.

Mediterranya, a new multilingual literary blog, is a platform for short stories by Mediterranean authors.

What elements does Humphrey Davies consider when deciding which book to translate next?

Ukranian poet, Volodymyr Bilyk, discusses his views on the relationship between poetry and politics.

The great Hungarian writer Szilárd Borbély died unexpectedly and tragically today. An account of his final book, and first novel, by his English-language translator Ottilie Mulzet.

Lucas Klein initiates efforts toward naming the translator in book reviews.

The Los Angeles Times Book Prize nominated an Austrian graphic novelist and German crime writer, but failed to mention the translator.

A poem by Equatorial Guinean writer Juan Tomás Avila Laurel who has been forced into hiding, is translated by David Shook.

Belgravia Books is offering two translation workshops led by Ros Schwartz and Rosalind Harvey.

The World Literature Today Pinterest exhibits superb literary taste.

Lebanese poet, Ounsi al-Hajj, who pioneered free verse poetry in Arabic, died on Tuesday.

Author James Patterson has begun giving away $1 million of his own money to independent bookstores.

The latest episode of That Other Word came out this week, and it’s all about Korean lit.

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