Una Novelita Lumpen Adapted for Film . . . Can a 2666 Adaptation Be Long Off?

Not getting complacent after having cornered the market on international literature, posthumous phenomenon Roberto Bolano is now setting his sights on film. He’s already starred in a documentary (with more to come), and now there are reports of the first film adapted from one of his novels, the still-untranslated Una Novelita Lumpen (which may give some indication of its literary quality, given that virtually everything the man wrote has now been brought into English).

The novel may not be his best, but the film, so Kieran McGrath writes, is solid:

However, although the film becomes more sensuous, Bianca is still largely a mysterious figure and if we feel anything for her by the end of the film it is surely a testament to Scherson’s skillful adaptation of the conclusion of Bolaño’s novella. Bolaño always has his sly use of humor to soften the complexities of his oneiric and ominous plots, but Scherson stays away from associating herself too closely with the writer’s narrative style. As a result, “Il Futuro” is a compelling film from a director who is still to make her best work.

The film, it seems, has been getting around and having some modest success, which bring to mind the question: are more Bolano adaptations that far off? And if we do see more films from Bolano’s work, will that day come when the inevitable 2666 3-D trilogy hits theaters, in all its apocalyptic glory?

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