Two Voices with Eka Kurniawan in Conversation With Annie Tucker and Olivia Sears [AUDIO]


We were very pleased to have Center for the Art of Translation Founder and Board President Olivia Sears conduct an interview with Eka Kurniawan, author of Beauty Is a Wound and Man Tiger, along with the translator of Beauty, Annie Tucker. The event took place at the wonderful Green Apple Books on the Park before a rapt audience. This wide-ranging conversation included both of Kurniawan’s novels, which were the first works of his to appear in the English language. The discussion delved into Indonesian history, Kurniawan’s first experiences with stories, translation challenges with the Indonesian language and culture, Kurniawan’s studies as a university student, the author’s response to the reception of his books in the West, and Tucker’s experiences discovering Kurniawan and finding a publisher for him. See below for a table of contents and full audio.


0:00 Introductions

5:30 Overview of Beauty Is a Wound by Olivia Sears

8:55 Reading by Kurniawan in Indonesian and by Tucker in English

14:20 Kurniawan’s responses to the reception of his work in the West

16:40 Kurniawan’s formative reading experiences

25:00 The history of Indonesia, and how it entwined with Beauty Is a Wound

30:30 How Tucker discovered Kurniawan

34:30 Why did Kurniawan focus on women and beauty in Beauty is a Wound

40:48 Challenges of translating the Indonesian language and dealing with the nation’s culture

51:25 The figure of the white tiger in Man Tiger

53:45 More challenges from translating from Indonesian

58:15 Q & A from the audience

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