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For just $50, your 2017 subscription to Two Lines Press will include 6 items: 4 new books, plus two issues of our journal of translation Two Lines.

That’s a savings of 40% off the cover price! There will also, most likely, be subscriber-only goodies popping up in your mailbox along the way . . .

This is what you’re getting for your money

Atlantic Hotel by João Gilberto Noll, translated by Adam Morris

Our 2017 subscription kicks off with our second title by Brazilian postmodernist João Gilberto Noll. 2016’s Quiet Creature on the Corner racked up plaudits from the likes of Brian Evenson, Sergio Chejfec, and Guernica magazine, and Atlantic Hotel promises more of the same. A mysterious narrator is on the run, and everybody he meets seems to think he’s a different person. Then, fleeing some crazy people who want to murder him, he knocks on the wrong door, where he finds the barrel of a gun and passes out. When he next awakes, something terrible is happening to him.

My Heart Hemmed In by Marie NDiaye, translated by Jordan Stump

We are all in on Marie NDiaye! Our 3rd title y this French phenom is nearly 300 pages in length, and is considered by many the greatest title of her career. It all involves two schoolteachers in provincial France who get the weird sensation that everyone around them despises them. A husband-and-wife, they get y until suddenly the husband comes home one night with a gaping wound in his stomach. And then things really start to get weird. For fans of Ishiguro-esque unreliable narrators.

More to come . . .

We’ll also have a new novel from the phenomenal Argentine author Elvira Navarro, a Granta Best Young Spanish-Language Author. This one will be translated by Christina MacSweeney, best-known for bringing Valeria Luiselli’s amazing, inventive novels into English. Plus, there will be another book by our NYT/WSJ-praised László Krasznahorkai-endorsed German author Wolfgang Hilbig, translated by Isabel Fargo Cole.

Two Lines Issue 26 and Issue 27

You’ll also get the latest issues of our acclaimed journal of international literature, fully redesigned and in two colors! One comes in the spring, the other in the fall, and each issue includes around a dozen languages/regions to keep you up-to-date on the remarkable forms that the art of literature can take all over the world.

Note, subscriptions are auto-renewing (which can be disabled in Paypal), and the domestic subscription requires an extra shipping fee.

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Praise for Two Lines Press and Two Lines

“I’d trust anything from Two Lines Press, which has quickly set itself at the vanguard of translated literature in America.” — Jonathon Sturgeon, Flavorwire

“A venturesome non-profit press dedicated to publishing works in translation which may well be the foremost such enterprise on the West Coast.” — Elliott Bay Book Company

“Two Lines Press has some of the most beautiful covers in the business, and the authors to match them.” — Diesel, A Bookstore

“Endeavors such as Two Lines . . . are on the front lines of expanding our access to literary voices that would otherwise be simply inaccessible to American readers.” — Los Angeles Review of Books

“Two Lines is perhaps that mysterious foreigner moved to town—that tall, darkly dressed foreigner knowledgeable of things about which the rest of us are only dimly aware.” — Travis Kurowski, Poets & Writers

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