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For just $40, your 2015 subscription to Two Lines Press will include 5 titles: 3 new single-author books, plus two issues of our journal of translation Two Lines.

At $8.00 per item, that’s a savings of well over 1/3 off the cover price. There will also, most likely, be subscriber-only goodies popping up in your mailbox along the way . . .

The Game for Real by Richard Weiner

The first 2015 title will be The Game for Real by the I-can’t-believe-he’s-never-been-published-in-English-before Czech surrealist Richard Weiner. Often (and justly) compared to Kafka and Robert Walser, Weiner lived in Paris in the ‘20s where he worked with the surrealists and was one of the first readers and reviewers of Proust, whom he admired greatly. He was among the first writers anywhere to try to comprehend World War I in a novel—he was drafted into the war and left months later a nervous wreck. He’s a true original, an astonishing writer, and we’re proud to be adding him to the English-language modernist canon. And on top of that translator Benjamin Paloff was awarded a PEN Translation fund grant for this project, which it called a “masterful translation.”

Two Lines Issue 22 and Issue 23

Get two issues of one of the leading journals of translation in English! Among other things, Issue 22 will a Lydia Davis essay on translation, a new translation from the Oulipo by Daniel Levin Becker, new writing from the Mexican author Yuri Herrera (often compared to Cesar Aira), and an essay from the poet and translator Wayne Miller. And in Issue 23 you will find new poetry translations by Katherine Silver, fiction from Florencia Werchowsky, new poetry by the Chinese writer Zhang Zao, and much more.

The Sleep of the Righteous by Wolfgang Hilbig

Our second full-length title of 2015 comes from East Germany, one of that (departed) nation’s most important avant-garde writers, and a man compared to W.G. Sebald. It will be translated by the able and amazing Isabel Fargo Cole.

The Boys by Toni Sala

Our first title ever from the Catalan! Set in and around the small town of Vidreres, this novel begins with the death of two brothers and is composed of four stories linked in unexpected ways. Those we meet there—a bank employee, truckers, prostitutes, frustrated landowners and their heirs—are all rattling at the doors of their respective cages, hunting for meaning and their place in the hierarchy of contemporary rural life. This psychological meditation on death, sex and family is written in lyrical prose that often employs interior monologues, holding up the brothers’ death as a soul mirror. The shock waves that ripple through the town leave no one untouched, with tension mounting in the closing pages for the final reveal.

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Praise for Two Lines Press and Two Lines

“A venturesome non-profit press dedicated to publishing works in translation which may well be the foremost such enterprise on the West Coast.” — Elliott Bay Book Company

“Two Lines Press has some of the most beautiful covers in the business, and the authors to match them.” — Diesel, A Bookstore

“Endeavors such as Two Lines . . . are on the front lines of expanding our access to literary voices that would otherwise be simply inaccessible to American readers.” — Los Angeles Review of Books

“Two Lines is perhaps that mysterious foreigner moved to town—that tall, darkly dressed foreigner knowledgeable of things about which the rest of us are only dimly aware.” — Travis Kurowski, Poets & Writers

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