Two Lines + Music and Literature SUBSCRIPTION OFFER


It goes without saying that we at Two Lines are huge fans of our peer journal Music & Literature. Not only is Music & Literature extremely international in its focus (covering authors like László Krasznahorkai, Dubravka Ugrešić, Alejandra Pizarnik, and Clarice Lispector, just to name a few), it also offers hugely in-depth critical writing on these authors, as well as original texts from them and interviews with them that cannot be found anywhere else.

Each issue of Music & Literature is dedicated to three artists, each artist getting a critical portfolio of well over 100 pages. It’s like getting three monographs in each issue.

Since Two Lines is also all about international writing, and since we focus more on the source texts than on commentary, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world to collaborate with Music & Literature on a subscriber offer. For a limited time you can now subscribe to both Two Lines and Music & Literature at one discounted price. Get one for yourself, or give it to a friend as a fantastic gift!

United States residents can get a full year of Two Lines and Music & Literature for only $40.00. That’s four issues amounting to over 600 pages of international writing you will not get anywhere else. And if you pick up a two-year dual subscription for $65.00, the savings are even more.

Subscribe 1-year for $40
Subscribe 2-year for $65

International customers can also get in on this deal. Due to the costs of shipping worldwide, your prices will be $80.00 for the combined one-year subscription and $155.00 for the two-year.

Subscribe 1-year international for $80
Subscribe 2-year international for $155

At checkout, please be sure to specify if you’d like your subscription of M&L to start with Issue 6 (latest) or 7 (upcoming), and of Two Lines with Issue 23 (latest) or 24 (upcoming).

Music & Literature is truly a remarkable publication that we are very pleased to be working with. Have a look at all of the amazing things to be found in the Alejandra Pizarnik portfolio, just one of three portfolios from Issue 6:

A Few Essential Words / Alberto Manguel

An Introduction to Alejandra Pizarnik’s Diaries / Ana Becciú, trans. Cecilia Rossi

A Selection from Diaries / Alejandra Pizarnik, trans. Cecilia Rossi

A Selection of Prose / Alejandra Pizarnik, trans. Cecilia Rossi

An Introduction to “The Lady Buccaneer of Pernambuco or Hilda the Polygraph” / Ana Becciú, trans. Cecilia Rossi

The Lady Buccaneer of Pernambuco or Hilda the Polygraph / Alejandra Pizarnik, trans. Suzanne Jill Levine

Correspondence with León Ostrov / Alejandra Pizarnik, trans. Emily Cooke

Some Keys to Alejandra Pizarnik: An Interview / Martha Isabel Moia, trans. Emily Cooke

Come Here Alejandra / Julio Cortázar, trans. Stephen Kessler

Pavane for a Dead Princess / Olga Orozco, trans. Stephen Kessler

An Overdose of Seconal / Enrique Vila-Matas, trans. Rosalind Harvey

Alejandra Pizarnik / César Aira, trans. Katherine Silver

Demystifying Pizarnik: On Editing the Complete Works / Isabella Checcaglini, trans. Jeffrey Zuckerman

“The Shadow of the Typist”: The Perturbed among Lilacs / Étienne Dobenesque, trans. Jeffrey Zuckerman

The Woman in Red / Jacques Ancet, trans. Jeffrey Zuckerman

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