“Two Lines is perhaps that mysterious foreigner moved to town—that tall, darkly dressed foreigner knowledgeable of things about which the rest of us are only dimly aware.” — Travis Kurowski, Poets & Writers


Enrique Vila-Matas / Margaret Jull Costa
Sea Swell / Spanish

Ulrike Almut Sandig / Bradley Schmidt
Against Disappearance / German

Dmitry Ivanov / Arch Tait
Where Sleep the Gods / Russian

Alicia Kozameh / Andrea G. Labinger
Eni Furtado Has Never Stopped Running / Spanish

Kobi Ovadia / Yardenne Greenspan
The Kid That Liked Dynasty and Wrote a Soap / Hebrew

Jorge Luis Castillo / Suzanne Jill Levine
Loose Change / Spanish

Helene Uri / Barbara Sjoholm
Clearing Out / Norwegian

Iana Boukova / Angela Rodel
A as in Anything / Bulgarian

Takamura Kōtarō / John G. Peters
Living Things / Japanese
Summer / Japanese
Garden Songbird / Japanese

Jean-Luc Nancy / Charlotte Mandell
Nude Enumerated / French

Ya Shi / Nick Admussen
Present / Chinese
Grand Drum / Chinese
Symbol / Chinese
Guardian Angel / Chinese

Kim Hyesoon / Don Mee Choi
Namesake / Korean
Butterfly / Korean
Gravel Skirt / Korean

Emmanuel Moses / Marilyn Hacker
Dialogue / French
God / French

Roger Caillois / Elizabeth Deshays
Sontes: Dedication / French
General Morphology of Minerals / French
Dendrites / French


Enrique Vila-Matas / Margaret Jull Costa
The Vampire in Love / Spanish

Ma’ayan Even / Tom C. Atkins
Death in the Files / Hebrew

Graciliano Ramos / Annie McDermott
Inseparable / Portuguese

Ulrike Almut Sandig / Bradley Schmidt
being a dog / German
quiet / German
this legend chooses its own path / German

Vivian Lamarque / Sarah Stickney
I-Buy-Gold / Italian
I Prefer Szymborska II / Italian
Portrait with Snow / Italian

Ya Shi / Nick Admussen
Years / Chinese
Quiet Lake in the Hills / Chinese

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