TWO LINES 20 Table of Contents

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The Fear
By Scholastique Mukasonga
Translated by Lara Vergnaud

By Liliana Colanzi
Translated by Sandra Kingery

Hands and Planets (excerpt)
By Juan Jose Saer
Translated by Roanne Kantor

The House
By Paigham Afaqui
Translated by Matt Reeck

The Bottles in the Cellar
By Wolfgang Hilbig
Translated by Isabel Fargo Cole

Andrejs’s Religion (excerpt)
By Inga Abele
Translated by Kaija Straumanis

What Happened to You?
By Pierre Mertens
Translated by Edward Gauvin

The Dark (excerpt)
By Sergio Chejfec
Translated by Heather Cleary

It Happened on the First of September (or Some Other Time)
By Pavol Rankov
Translated by Magdalena Mullek

Three Poems
“All the Generations Before Me”
“The Time Has Come to Collect Evidence”
“Bitter and Quick”
By Yehuda Amichai
Translated by Chana Block and Chana Kronfeld

Two Poems
“The Present”
“Senhor de Bonfim”
By Andres Navarro
Translated by Curtis Bauer

Two Poems
“One Million”
By Daniil Kharms
Translated by Melinda Noack

Two Poems
By Ana Martins Marques
Translated by Julia Sanches

Two Poems
“Laurel Forest”
“Forgetting is for the Birds”
By Melih Cevdet Anday
Translated by Sidney Wade

By Juan Gelman
Translated by Lisa Rose Bradford

Dwelling in the Warmth of Other Moons
By Ahmatjan Osman
Translated by Jeffery Yang

Two Poems
“I Am a Drowning Victim”
“To My Sister”
By Celia Dropkin
Translated by Jennifer Kronovet

Two Poems
“Eurydice—to Orpheus”
By Marina Tsvetaeva
translated by Ariel Ross

By Pavel Srut
Translated by Deborah Garfinkle


Dayplaces: Showdowns Concerning the Beauty of The World and its Depression
By Naseer Hassan
Translated by the author and Jon Davis

Five Songs for Something Forgotten
By Ahmed Abdel Mu’ti Hijazi
Translated by Omnia Amin and Rick London

By Ronny Someck
Translated by Robert Manaster

God After Ten O’clock
By Ali Al Jallawi
Translated by Ayesha Saldanha

The Quilt
By Mona Elnamoury
Translated by Mona Khedr

The Mehlis Report (excerpt)
By Rabee Jaber
Translated by Kareem James Abu-Zeid

With Your Hands
By Ahmed Kalouaz
Translated by Simon Pare

Tales of the First Love
By Ammar Ali Hassan
Translated by Mona Elnamoury
Edited by Marcia Lynx Qualey

Petty Thefts
By Taleb Alrefai
Translated by Ngwah-Mbo Nana Nkweti

Orange Lies I and II
By Gulala Nouri
Translated by Hodna Nuernberg

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