Publishers Weekly Gives a Starred Review to All My Friends

This week’s Publishers Weekly includes a starred review of Two Lines Press’s forthcoming title All My Friends, and it’s quite complimentary. The review starts,

Inhabiting the tense, anxiety-riddled interstices where things fall apart, the five stories in this collection don’t follow each other so much as collide like objects in a literary maelstrom, achieving a dizzying terminal velocity. NDiaye, who received France’s most prestigious literary prize for Three Powerful Women and may be that nation’s most startling new literary voice, brings to life an electrifying rogue’s gallery of social outcasts, disgruntled wives, and loony strivers.

There are also some nice words for translator Jordan Stump, who really did an outstanding job with this book.

Stump’s perfectly calibrated translation captures the rich timbre and fearsome bite of NDiaye’s chiseled prose.

It’s all true: NDiaye’s prose is amazingly precise, and Jordan has truly put the “art” in “the art of translation” by reproducing her French in English. This is the kind of title where a translator could easily lose nuance or go too far in making the prose into something it’s not. Jordan has preserved a very delicate balance of competing elements in this book. All I can say is read it and find out more for yourself. Pre-order the book right here.

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