By Uljana Wolf

Translated by Greg Nissan

from Issue 24



before the sack no single jot
appears a one that i might grasp
no jot juts out that very sack
if i in heat did twist myselk
with buckle and call
with knuckle and claw
in jawdark leather i was swathed
art was leda go to hell swan
i am the broid
my veil no void
before the jack no single sot
in early mornmink i go ot

Uljana Wolf is a poet and translator whose oeuvre, multilingual and sonically acrobatic, finds its spark in the transgression of borders, linguistic, national, or otherwise. Her most recent work, SONNE FROM ORT (2014), is a collaborative erasure with Christian Hawkey.

Greg Nissan graduated from Brown University last May with degrees in comparative literature and German studies. He is currently on a Fulbright scholarship in Berlin, where he is working on a documentary poetry project centered on the development of language in multicultural environments.

Original text: Uljana Wolf, “kreisau, nebelvoliere”, “aufwachraum I,” “aufwachraum II”, “auf einen alten tournister” from kochanie ich habe brot gekauft. Idstein: kookbooks, 2005.

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