Olivia Sears
Editor’s Notes

Anonymous / Paul Atkins
Chrysanthemum Boy / Japanese

Jayadeva / Ron Banerjee
The Hymn of the Ten Avatars / Sanskrit

Günter Kunert / Gerald Chapple
Jericho 1989 / German
My Contribution to the Balkans / German

Rachel Eshed / David Cooper
Atlantis / Hebrew

Astrid Cabral / Charles Cutler
Uncontained Elegy / Portuguese

Anonymous / Linh Dinh
If you must go into the army, go / Vietnamese
Young hen stir-fried with old loofah / Vietnamese
When March comes / Vietnamese
When this war is over / Vietnamese

Ryuichi Tamura / Samuel Grolmes and Yumiko Tsumura
From the Rainbow-Colored Beach / Japanese
The Light at Thirteen Second Intervals / Japanese
New Year’s Letter (1) / Japanese
New Year’s Letter (2) / Japanese

Vyacheslav P’etsukh / Mark Halperin and Dinara Georgeoliani
Sukhov, Desecrator of Graves / Russian

Oscar Hahn / James Hoggard
Old Year 1973 / Spanish
Oral Hygiene / Spanish

Ottó Orbán / Jascha Kessler and Maria Körösy
Twentieth Century / Hungarian
Taproot / Hungarian
1937 / Hungarian

Ahluwei / C. H. Kwock and Gary Gach
{to the tune of Shou Yang} / Chinese

Yao Sui / C. H. Kwock and Gary Gach
{to the tune of Spring is Here} / Chinese

Anonymous / C. H. Kwock and Gary Gach
{to the tune of Spring is Here} / Chinese

Bogomil Gyuzel / P. H. Liotta
Sotto voce / Macedonian

Claudio Rodríguez / Elizabeth Gamble Miller
In the Land of Wolves / Spanish

Colette / Zack Rogow
Green Wheat / French

Publius Papinius Statius / Charles Ross
Thebaid / Latin

Mauricio Ortiz / Mark Schafer
Retrography / Spanish

Peter Handke / Daimon Searls
For Thucydides / German
A History of Hats in Skopje / German
Attempt to Exorcise One History with Another / German

César Vallejo / Rebecca Seiferle
Januaraeneid / Spanish

Sigfredo Ariel / John Oliver Simon
The Light, Hermano, the Light / Spanish

Ariel Schettini / John Oliver Simon
Arms / Spanish

Alfonso X / Kelly Washbourne
Of the Acts Carried Out by King Spain / Spanish
Of How the Island of Cadiz Was Founded / Spanish

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