Roger Lewinter / Rachel Careau
Passion / French

Rachel Careau
The Trivial and the Sublime: Roger Lewinter’s “Passion”

Chika Sagawa / Sawako Nakayasu
Wind / Japanese
Gate of Snow / Japanese
Ballroom / Japanese
A Late Gathering / Japanese

Shimon Adaf / Yael Segalovitz
Aviva-no / Hebrew

Alejandra Laurencich / Victoria Pehl Smith
The Dinosaurs Have Not Died / Spanish

Søren Ulrik Thomsen / Susanna Nied
The salt taste of your kiss I remember clearly… / Danish
On the bad days… / Danish
Every time we saw each other… / Danish
Among all these poems… / Danish
December 31st… / Danish

Johannes Göransson
“A Wash of Mimicry”: On the Deformation Zone of Translation

Pierre Chappuis / John Taylor
These Armfuls of Sparks, These Embers / French
Demarcation of the Uncertain / French
On the Alert / French

Rafael Courtoisie Beyhaut / Anna Rosenwong
Coffee / Spanish
Oranges / Spanish
The Spoon / Spanish

Antonio Tabucchi / Martha Cooley and Antonio Romani
Against Time / Italian

Henning Ahrens / Mark Herman and Ronnie Apter
Letters to the Host / German

Marcos Giralt Torrente / Natasha Wimmer
Father and Son: A Lifetime / Spanish

Anne Parian / Emma Ramadan
Monospace / French

Hon Lai Chu / Andrea Lingenfelter
Forrest Woods, Chair / Chinese

Pierre Mertens / Edward Gauvin
What Happened to You? / Belgian


Bae Suah / Deborah Smith
The Low Hills of Seoul / Korean

Pierre Chappuis / John Taylor
“Noon Fanfares” / French
“Fatality of Water” / French

Marcos Giralt Torrente / Natasha Wimmer
From Father and Son: A Lifetime / Spanish

Carlos Labbé / Will Vanderhyden
‘A Chapter from An Abortive Romance” / Spanish

Rafael Cortoisie / Anna Rosenwong
The Mirror’s Song / Spanish

Tedi López Mills / Cheryl Clark Vermeulen
Through the Window / Spanish
Meanwhile / Spanish

Hakan Sandell / Bill Coyle
Notation / Swedish

Nima Yushji / Kaveh Bassiri
Phoenix / Persian
Night Is / Persian

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