Margaret Jull Costa and Marilyn Hacker
Editor’s Notes

Adonis / Khaled Mattawa
The Beggining of Doubt / Arabic
The Beginning of Inscription / Arabic
The Beginning of Love / Arabic
The Beginning of the Road / Arabic
The Beginning of the Name / Arabic

Günter Grass / Breon Mitchell
The Tin Drum / German

Mikhail Yeryomin / Jim Kates
The builder of the first bridge in the world… / Russian
The heifer humped up against the calf… / Russian
Animals put on shoes in snowy tracks… / Russian
a3 + y3 – 3axy is nothingness… / Russian

José Manuel Prieto / Esther Allen
Rex / Spanish

Sherko Bekes / Choman Hardi
Butterfly Valley / Kurdish

Andrej Glusgold / Donna Stonecipher
I Love Berlin / German
Elementary Particles / German

Ersi Sotiropoulos / Karen Emmerich
Rain at the Construction Site / Greek

Anna Szabó / George Szirtes
This Day / Hungarian

Krisztina Tóth / George Szirtes
Dog / Hungarian

Christian Bobin / Alison Anderson
The Lady in White / French

Stanislaw Borokowski / Chris Michalski
cold war prodigal son / German

Kirmen Uribe / Elizabeth Macklin
The Words That Died in the War / Basque

Yoko Tawada / Susan Bernofsky
The Naked Eye / German

Celia Dropkin / Yerra Sugarman
In the Hot Wind / Yiddish

Arseny Tarkovsky / Jon Jensen
Even summer has passed / Russian

Inger Christensen / Denise Newman
Azorno / Danish

Tomas Venclova / Ellen Hinsey
For an Older Poet / Lithuanian

Tarek Eltayeb / Kareem James Abu-Zeid
Cities Without Palms / Arabic

Göran Sonnevi / Rika Lesser
Mozart’s Third Brain / Swedish

Rogelio Riverón / Elizabeth Bell
The Man Who Tried to Go to Heaven / Spanish

René Depestre / Anita Sagástegui
The Singer Machine / French

Denis Baldwin-Beneich / Willard Wood
The Greatest Rabbi on Earth / French

François Ayroles / Edward Gauvin
I’m so happy to be here, to take in this dusting of ideas. / French

Focus on Palestinian Poetry

Mahmoud Darwish / Fady Joudah
Rita’s Winter / Arabic

Ghassan Zaqtan / Fady Joudah
Like One Who Waits for Me / Arabic
He Thought Long of Going Back There / Arabic

Ayman Ghbarieh / Fady Joudah
Why Should We Teach Our Enemies How to Raise Pigeons? / Arabic

Nasser Rabah / Fady Joudah
Absence / Arabic

Ghadah al-Shafi’i / Sinan Antoon
Fenced Solitude / Arabic

Samir Abu Hawwash / Sinan Antoon
The Very Handsome Man / Arabic
Cancer / Arabic

Najwan Darwish / Antoine Jockey and Marilyn Hacker
Maryam / Arabic
The Nightmare Bus to Sabra and Shatila / Arabic

Hala al-Shrouf / Wafa’a Abdulaali and Marilyn Hacker
She and He / Arabic

Ibrahim Nasrallah / Rasheeda Plenty
She Talks About Their Field / Arabic


Anna T. Szabó / George Szirtes
Fire, We Say / Hungarian

Ghassan Zaqtan / Fady Joudah
Wolves, Also / Arabic

John Felstiner
there’s no place on it / that does not see you–an essay on two of Rilke’s most beloved–and oft translated–poems / German

Melih Cevdet Anday / Sidney Wade and Efe Murad
Poem in the Manner of Karacaoğlan / Turkish

Kirmen Uribe / Elizabeth Macklin
The Pocket Radio / Basque

Jiri Orten / Lyn Coffin and Zdenka Brodska
This Is a Glorious Tale / Czech
Sugar Is Dissolving / Czech

Carmen Boullosa / Christy Rodgers
Just Disappear / Spanish

Sagawa Chika / Sawako Nakayasu
Voices of Summer / Japanese
Sleeping / Japanese

Maria Negroni / Michelle Gil-Montero
Where fears are plumed like pheasants… / Spanish
Hell has many mouths… / Spanish

Hortensia Papadat-Bengescu / Dayana Stetco
The Dragon / Romanian

Zhai Yongming / Andrea Lingenfelter
Abandoned House / Chinese
Margins / Chinese

Amelia Rosselli / Diana Thow
Collapse / Italian
In the black star of my destiny… / Italian

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