Zack Rogow
Editor’s Introduction

Anonymous / John E. Smelcer
Muskrat Woman / Ahtna Athabaskan

Wilhelm Genazino / Philip Boehm
The Shoe Tester of Frankfurt / German

Marcelijus Martinaitis / Laima Sruoginis
K.B. Advertises Colgate Toothpaste / Lithuanian
K.B. and the Hour of Murder / Lithuanian
K.B. to Margarita about Virtual Reality / Lithuanian
K.B. Watches Margarita Taking Out the Trash / Lithuanian

Ana María Shua / Andrea G. Labinger
Death as a Side Effect / Spanish

Claire Malroux / Marilyn Hacker
Grottoes / French

Paul Morand / Ron Padgett and Bill Zavatsky
Hollywood / French

Paul Morand
Evening with Charlie / French

Jorge Volpi / Suzanne Jill Levine
The End of Madness / Spanish

Felipe Benítez Reyes / Aaron Zaritzky
Paul Chase, The Tourist / Spanish
Gonzalo de Lerma, The Untraceable Poet / Spanish

Murathan Mungan / Aron Aji
Veronika Voss of Desire / Turkish

Luigi Pirandello / Gerland Nicosia and Stefano Cravero
An Eye for Death / Italian

Yahya Kemal / Sidney Wade
The Architect of Eastern Light / Turkish

Édouard Glissant / Betsy Wing
The Overseer’s Cabin / French

Guido Gozzano / Geoffrey Brock
Totò Merúmeni / Italian

Cai Qijiao / Edward Morin, Dennis Ding, and Fang Dai
A Superstitious Belief / Chinese
A Lonely Year / Chinese

Jacek Podsiadło / Margret Grebowicz
First Poem Against the State / Polish

Fortuna Ghebreghiorgis / Charles Cantalupo and Ghirmai Negash
Help Us Agree / Tigrinya

Itô Hiromi / Jeffrey Angles
I Am Anjuhimeko / Japanese

Paulina Vinderman / John Oliver Simon
The Wharf, XIII / Spanish

Dahlia Ravikovitch / Chana Bloch and Chana Kronfeld
The Land of the Setting Sun / Hebrew
The Marionette / Hebrew
They’re Freezing Up North / Hebrew

Abdelwahab Meddeb / Charlotte Mandell
California apple with no apple taste… / French

Alberto Ruy Sánchez / Rhonda Dahl Buchanan
Nine Bonsai / Spanish

César Vallejo / Clayton Eshleman
My chest wants and does not want its color / Spanish

Ulf Stolterfoht / Rosmarie Waldrop
Jargons II / German


Günter Kunert / Gerlad Chapple
The Illusionist / German


Itô Hiromi / Jeffrey Angles
I Am Anjuhimeko / Japanese

Claire Malroux / Marilyn Hacker
Grottoes / French

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