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Two Lines Press is a nonprofit (501(c)(3)) press dedicated to giving American readers the opportunity to read some of the great work from outside our borders that they would not otherwise get to see. All of its books are works translated from other languages into English.

Publishing translations is expensive, and it is difficult to get attention for them in the U.S. media and marketplace. For those reasons and others, most of the best publishers of translation are nonprofit presses that rely on the support of charitable contributions for their survival.

The support Two Lines Press receives from the government, charitable foundations, and passionate readers is essential to its survival.

Please consider making a donation to Two Lines Press today to help us continue the important work of bring essential international voices into English. (Note: the link will take you to the donation page for the Center for the Art of Translation, the parent organization of Two Lines Press.)

Or you can subscribe to a year of Two Lines Press for just $36. That’s four new books, plus a free copy of a past Two Lines Press title. Four astonishing works of international literature for just $36.

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