Baboon and Self-Portrait in Green Are PEN Translation Prize Finalists



It seems like it was just, oh, 3 weeks ago that we were here celebrating how Baboon and Self-Portrait in Green were on the longlist for the 2014 PEN Translation Prize. !nd now here we are saying they’re finalists (they’re finalists!!) for the Prize! Huge, huge congrats to Naja Marie Aidt and Marie NDiaye, and their amazing, amazing translators, Denise Newman and Jordan Stump.

And so, compelled by an upwelling of translation effervescence, we are compelled to offer you the same glorious deal we did last time we shared this wonderful news:

From now, until the end of April, experience these books, plus 2 more items from Two Lines Press, plus our darling, darling hand-made, letterpressed erasure, for just $30!!

For those who say, “tell me no more, I am ready to get in on this amazing deal” just click here (and you people living outside of the U.S., click —> here).

For those who want a little more detail before their fork over their hard-earned $30, read on:

A 2014 subscription costs just $30, which is only slightly more than you would pay to purchase these books in a bookstore. On top of that, we will throw in a free copy of our beautiful, letterpressed broadside, created by Jan Steyn, which we were previously only giving out to 2015 subscribers. And, of course, in addition to all that you get Running Through Beijing by Xu Zechen (beautifully translated by Eric Abrahamsen) and Issue 21 of Two Lines, packed with amazing things like Johannes Göransson’s essay “A Wash of Mimicry,” Natasha Wimmer’s translation of Marcos Giralt Torrente, and Martha Cooley and Antonio Romani’s translation of Antonio Tabucchi.

We are offering this bonus through the end of the month. So if you are interested in reading our two PEN Translation Prize finalists, and getting the broadside, please waste no time in ordering your subscription.

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