AUDIO: Naja Marie Aidt and Denise Newman Speak on Baboon

Baboon-294Last Thursday we had a wonderful event at The Booksmith as part of Naja Marie Aidt’s Baboon book tour. The event consisted of Naja reading a story from Baboon, and then her and translator Denise Newman discussing Baboon with Two Lines Press’s Scott Esposito.

The conversation occurred before an audience of approximately 30 readers at The Booksmith and delved into a number of areas: questions of translating Naja’s prose; the unique aspects of the working relationship between Naja and Denise; why this book resonated so much with Danish readers (and why it was unusual that it won such major and prestigious awards); the unified aesthetic represented in Baboon; Aidt’s influences as s short story writer; and even a few more things.

If you’re curious to know more about this book, or to hear Aidt read “The Honeymoon” go ahead and give the audio a listen. Here is a list of where you can find all the individual aspects of the conversation:

2:56: Naja Marie Aidt reads “The Honeymoon” from Baboon

27:54: The origins of Aidt’s and Denise Newman’s collaboration on translating Baboon into English, and how they worked together as a translator-and-author team

36:00: The reaction of Danish society to Baboon, and the reasons why a short story collection was given the region’s highest literary honors

44:00: Newman’s experiences trying to recreate Aidt’s aesthetic in English

46:40: The unity of Aidt’s aesthetic in Baboon and her experiences/inspirations as a short story writer

55:20: Q&A: How to get more interest in translations in the U.S.?

1:01:36: Q&A: Newman’s level of interaction with Aidt on Baboon

1:03:33: Q&A: The real-life counterpart of the Greek city in “The Honeymoon”

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