[AUDIO] Launch of The Boys with Toni Sala, Mara Faye Lethem, and CJ Evans


We were very pleased to host Catalan author Toni Sala and his translator Mara Faye Lethem for the launch of his novel The Boys from Two Lines Press, the first of Sala’s books to ever appear in English. Winer of Catalonia’s most prestigious literary award in 2014, and called “altogether brilliant” by Kirkus, The Boys is the dark tale of a small Catalonian village reeling frmo the sudden deaths of two young men. The conversation between Toni and mara was moderated by Two Lines Press Editorial Director CJ Evans.


0:00 Introductions

4:25 Bilingual reading from The Boys

15:40 Why did Toni Sala structure the book as a series of four perspectives

17:35 How are the different characters attached to the book’s central deaths?

20:15 Mara Faye Lethem’s approach to translating the book

24:40 Themes related to death in The Boys, and economic issues in Spain and Catalonia today

30:20 The economic collapse driving a breakdown in morals in Spain

34:00 How Toni chose the town that The Boys takes place in

43:05 Feelings in Catalonia about the independence movement

48:15 How the history and politics of Catalonia emerges in The Boys

52:05 Social media and the Internet in The Boys

56:10 Mara’s process of working with Toni

1:01:07 The philosophical digressions in The Boys

1:04:09 Audience Q & A

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