AUDIO: Horacio Castellanos Moya and Katie Silver in Conversation with Michael Holtmann on The Dream of My Return

horacio-castellanos-moya1We were very pleased to bring author Horacio Castellanos Moya and his translator Katherine Silver to The Make-Out Room in San Francisco, CA, to discuss his latest book, The Dream of My Return, with Center for the Art of Translation Executive Director Michael Holtmann. The Dream of My Return has been lauded as “easily [Castellanos Moya’s] best to appear in English so far” by The New York Times, and it follows the story of an exile who longs to return to El Salvador at the end of the nation’s brutal 12-year civil war.

Below you’ll find full audio of this event and table of contents to guide you through it.

Table of Contents

2:00 Introductions

4:35 Bilingual readings

21:40 The origins of the names in The Dream of My Return, particularly the main character, Erasmo

26:35 What’s it’s like for Castellanos Moya to write his sentences

29:50 The experience of translating Castellanos Moya’s sentences

33:00 Psychoanalysis in The Dream of My Return

36:00 The political context of the book and Castellanos Moya’s brand of “political” writing

48:30 Machismo in The Dream of My Return

54:00 Q & A

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