[AUDIO] CJ Evans in Conversation with Naja Marie Aidt on Rock, Paper, Scissors


In collaboration with Litquake we were pleased to welcome author and poet Naja Marie Aidt to The Lab in San Francisco, CA, to discuss her novel, Rock, Paper, Scissors, recently translated by K.E. Semmel for Open Letter. Naja discussed her book with Two Lines Press’s own CJ Evans. Their conversation delved into the book’s plot, the breakdown suffered by its protagonist, the appearance of a Paul Celan poem in the book, the differences between writing poetry and fiction, and Naja’s relationships with her three English translators. Below you can find the full audio of this event, as well as a table contents of the subjects discussed.


0:00 Introductions

1:20: Reading from Rock, Paper, Scissors by Naja Marie Aidt

9:46 When Naja first decided to become a writer

12:25 How Naja moved into fiction from poetry

16:40 Does Naja take a different approach to writing different genres

19:25 Do you use poetic tools in Rock, Paper, Scissors?

21:54 How Naja controlled information throughout Rock, Paper, Scissors

28:20 The mash-up of literary genres in Rock, Paper, Scissors

42:35 The relationships between characters in Rock, Paper, Scissors

48:04 Paul Celan’s “Death Fugue” in Rock, Paper, Scissors

50:30 Where exactly Rock, Paper, Scissors takes place

54:42 Naja and her translators

58:50 Are translations of Naja’s books still her books

1:04:17 Audience Q & A

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