AUDIO: Ben Paloff on The Game for Real by Richard Weiner


photo by Sarah Coolidge

We were very pleased to welcome Ben Paloff to Diesel, A Bookstore in Oakland, CA, where he read from and discussed his translation of The Game for Real by Richard Weiner, just out from Two Lines Press. In addition to reading several pages of his translation, Ben talked about his research interests with Weiner, Weiner’s experiences on the front lines of World War I, his thoughts on Proust, and what it was like translating The Game for Real.

Table of Contents

0:00 Introductions

2:18 CJ Evans on Two Lines Press and The Game for Real by Richard Weiner

7:16 Intro to Benjamin Paloff

10:18 Benjamin Paloff reading The Game for Real

21:10 The roots of Ben’s interest in Richard Weiner

26:44 Weiner’s experiences during World War I and the literature that came of it

30:55 Weiner’s feelings on Proust, his long essay on Proust, and similarities between Weiner’s and Proust’s writing

38:00 Ben’s challenges translating Weiner, and how he handled “Weinerisms”

42:14 Weinerisms that have made it into Czech, and the trajectory of Weiner’s literature after World War II

49:50 How the two halves of The Game for Real entwine

53:45 Ben’s thoughts on Translating humor

59:45 The pleasures of translating Weiner

1:05:14 Lexican oddities in Weiner’s prose

1:06:55 “Losing himself” in the act of translation

1:13:30 Origins of the name “Giggles” in translation of The Game for Real and Weiner’s relationship to the Surrealists

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