[AUDIO] A Celebration of Wolfgang Hilbig


photo copyright Gezett

We were very pleased to present translator Isabel Fargo Cole, the award-winning German authors Ingo Schulze and Inka Parei, and translator Katy Derbyshire at the Brecht-Haus in Berlin to celebrate author Wolfgang Hilbig. They were discussing Isabel’s translations of his book The Sleep of the Righteous, just published by Two Lines Press, and “I,” published earlier this year by Seagull Books.

This English/German bilingual conversation ranged widely over Hilbig’s life and circumstances, his influence, and his importance as a German writer. It also covered translation issues surrounding Isabel’s work with him, and Isabel’s own interactions with Hilbig before he died of cancer in 2007.

A full table of contents is below, and the English-language portions have been called out.


0:00 Introductions

8:56 Reading by Isabel Fargo Cole (English)

15:50 First encounters with Hilbig
—(Isabel in English at 23:26)

28:35 Isabel’s experiences with Wolfgang Hilbig in person (English)

30:00 Ingo Schulze reads his personal thoughts in Hilbig

40:25 Reading from Bottles in the Cellar (English)

50:50 Hilbig’s influence on the panel’s writing
—(Katy Derbyshire and Isabel in English at 57:00)

1:11:53 Isabel’s struggles getting Hilbig published in English (English)

1:16:40 Audience Q & A (English)

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