An Offer 226 Years In the Making


On Tuesday, July 14, French individuals and Francophiles everywhere will celebrate the storming of the Bastille, an occasion that gave rise to such historical greats as the the guillotine, the Reign of Terror, and the 1979 bicentennial concert with Jean Michel Jarre on the Place de la Concorde.

We at Two Lines Press would like to mark this momentous occasion in our own small way by offering you ALL THREE of our French titles for the historic (and ridiculously low) price of $17.89. This price includes FREE SHIPPING, because more freedom is always better, and also for greater historical accuracy and our own convenience.

So release your inner Frenchman/woman, support the continuance of the Fifth French Republic, and get behind your favorite translation press by ordering right now via this link. France may live until the end of the baguette, but this offer will only stand until 11:59:59 PST on Sunday, July 19.

This is what you get for the craaaaazily low (and historically proven) price of $17.89:

Self-Portrait in Green by Marie NDiaye (tr Jordan Stump)

Winner of the 2015 CLMP Firecracker Award for Nonfiction, lauded by Flavorwire, the TLS, and many more, this book has been tearing it up so far. Maybe it’s a memoir, maybe it’s a novel, maybe it’s a memovel. Who really knows? But we can say for certain that’s it’s mysterious, powerful, GREEN, and revolutionary.

All My Friends by Marie NDiaye (tr Jordan Stump)

Five ridiculously good stories by the woman who writes stories that are more complex than most novels. Winner of a Starred Review in Publishers Weekly, beloved by critics in Rain Taxi, The Collagist, The Rumpus, and more, with this book alongside Self-Portrait in Green there will be no monarchical dungeon fit to contain your adventures of self-discovery.

The Fata Morgana Books by Jonathan Littell (tr Charlotte Mandell)

Described by The New Yorker as “four nightmarish novellas,” this is the book that the Marquis de Sade would have written had he received a solid education in post-structuralism and lived to see World War II. BOMB Magazine says “here genitalia prove as amorphous as the desires they incite,” and we say, free yourself from the heteronormative, largely imaginary binary of 2 human genders and a polarity-based sexuality.

You know you want it. Hit that cart right this second:

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