To those in the translation business, it’s a well-known fact that a tiny number of the books published each year in the United States are international works translated into English. We’d like to change that.

Two Lines Press exists to give American readers the opportunity to read some of the great work from outside our borders that they would not otherwise get to see. As the barriers between cultures continue to come down and more and more authors are finding inspiration in foreign lands, there’s all the more reason for us all to read the world.

Two Lines Press endeavors to give readers another point of entry to this important international discussion—to see that great literature isn’t created by the background of the culture in which its produced but by the talent of the writer that produces it (and the translator that brings it to English).

atxaga-signingTwo Lines Press is a program of the nonprofit Center for the Art of Translation. The press, and the Center for the Art of Translation, both grew out of the TWO LINES: World Writing in Translation anthology series, which has been publishing international literature in translation for nearly 20 years. It has previously published Nobel laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, MacArthur “Genius” grant recipients, PEN Translation grant recipients, and winners of dozens of leading national literary awards all over the world. Two Lines also puts a special emphasis on translation as an art form of its own, celebrating the complicated and creative process of rendering a foreign piece of literature in English.

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