5/19: Iranian Author Yaghoub Yadali Presents Rituals of Restlessness [EVENT]


Next Thursday, May 19, we proudly partner with Diesel, a Bookstore and Phoneme Media to present Iranian author Yaghoub Yadali as his discusses his book Rituals of Restlessness.

Engineer Kamran Khosravi wants to die in a car accident. His professional life in the Iranian hinterlands is full of bureaucratic drudgery, protecting dams, for example, from looters. His wife Fariba can no longer stand it, and has left him to rejoin her family in Isfahan. She is anxious for him to choose a life with her, or to let her go and persist with things as they are, but Kamran’s issues run deeper than anybody imagines. He has lost all feeling for his wife, and his plans for a car accident are escapist, not suicidal. He is having an affair with a married country girl, and thoughts of her lead him to foolish distraction. Most recently, he has found a day laborer who matches his approximate build and hair color, and his intentions grow increasingly dark, along with his nihilistic outlook.

Rituals of Restlessness won the 2004 Golshiri Foundation Award for the best novel of the year and was named one of the ten best novels of the decade by the Press Critics Award in Iran. However, in 2007 Yaghoub Yadali was sentenced to one year in prison for having depicted an adulterous affair in the novel. Rituals of Restlessness and his short story collection Sketches in the Garden have been banned from publication and reprint in Iran.

Yaghoub Yadali, a fiction writer from Iran, has directed for television and worked for Roshd Magazine as the editor of the film section. In addition to Rituals of Restlessness and Sketches in the Garden, he is the author of the short story collection Probablitiy of Merriment and Mooning. His short stories, articles, and essays are published in Iran, Turkey, and the U.S. He has been writer-in-residence at the University of Iowa, Harvard University, and City of Asylum in Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Yaghoub Yadali discussing and signing Rituals of Restlessness
  • Thursday, May 19, 2016
  • 7:00pm
  • DIESEL, A Bookstore
  • 5433 College Avenue, Oakland, CA 94618-1502

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