5/18: Mario Bellatín and David Shook in Conversation with Scott Esposito


On Monday, March 18, join us at Green Apple Books on the Park as we present Mario Bellatín and his publisher, David Shook (of Phoneme Media). They’ll be in conversation with Two Lines Press’s own Scott Esposito, discussing Bellatín’s many fascinating projects, as well as Jacob the Mutant, which has just published from Phoneme Media in Jacob Steinberg’s translation.

Here are the details:

  • Monday, May 18
  • Green Apple Books on the Park
  • 1231 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122
  • 7:30 pm
  • Mario Bellatín and David Shook in conversation with Scott Esposito
  • FREE

Jacob the Mutant is conceived of as a set of fragmentary manuscripts from an unpublished Joseph Roth novel. As Heather Clearly writes in Music & Literature, “Bellatin poses as a literary scholar who unearths a lost Joseph Roth manuscript.” She continues:

Jacob the Mutant opens with a lengthy quotation from the text mentioned above, supposedly Roth’s unfinished novel The Border (an apt title given the role these demarcations play in assigning new and often precarious categories of being to those who cross them). As this first section progresses, the prose shifts constantly between this “found” material, a secondhand account of the recovered manuscript, and exegetic commentary on the text.

In addition to Jacob the Mutant, Bellatín’s other projects include Los Cien Mil Libros de Bellatín, the author’s own imprint dedicated to publishing 1,000 copies each of 100 of his books. Phoneme Media’s other books include Bellatín’s previous novel Shiki Nagaoka: A Nose for Fiction (translated by David Shook), as well as other titles translated from Portuguese, Uyghur, and Russian.

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